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DylanOn 27 March 2015, the Skinner family had just returned to their rural property from the Warwick Show. Little Dylan, 5, ran around to the back yard to watch an older family member burning off some rubbish, when the wind blew, catching some small flames, which set Dylan’s dress alight.

Her older brother rolled her over to put out the flames and her dad, Craig, who by that time had run around to the back, put her straight under the hose.

After a couple of hours at the local Warwick hospital, Dylan and Craig were flown by helicopter to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

Dylan had burns to almost 30% of her body and spent the next 28 days in hospital. In that time she had multiple surgeries for skin grafts on her arms, legs and tummy, dressing changes and other procedures. She also wears a pressure suit 24 hours per day.

Thankfully brave Dylan was able to return home, but like many children with severe burns, her treatment will continue for many years to come.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation needs your help to continue to invest in vital research, so that we can give kids like Dylan every opportunity to live a normal childhood and a scar free future.

How do your donations help?

Here are some of the recent equipment purchases that Firefighters Calendar donations have helped make possible for the burns department of the Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

In collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology, researchers at the Centre for Burns and Trauma Research in Brisbane have developed the Ditto™ device, a new medical tool designed to distract young burn victims from the painful and often arduous task of changing their dressings. The devices are cleverly disguised as a video game with therapy aid designed for use by 3 – 8 year-olds. Money from the calendar has helped purchase Ditto machines for the Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. The Ditto™ has been shown to significantly decrease pain, distress and anxiety experienced by children while they are receiving treatment. The Ditto™ devices will now be distributed to regional Queensland Hospital and Health Services.


3D cameras for wound and scar analysis. The camera allows clinical staff to view the microstructure and measure the depth of scar tissue on burns victims to better assess and treat burns.

Exercise equipment for outpatient burns victims to help with rehabilitation. Burns leave scars that often require multiple surgeries and ongoing rehabilitation allows kids to grow and move more easily.

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